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June 1, 2012


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June 29, 2012 | Seaworld


June 27, 2012 | Movie Night at the Library


June 24, 2012 | Grandparents in Town & Our 6th Wedding Anniversary


June 23, 2012 | 3rd Birthday Party


June 21, 2012 | Hair Cuts

I chopped off 11 inches to donate to locks of love :)


And of course little bit had to get a hair cut too.

IMG_1368 IMG_1370 IMG_1373

June 17, 2012 | Father’s Day


June 13, 2012 | My Mother’s Day Gift

Idina Menzel was in town at Fair Park Music Hall performing her Barefoot Live concert.  Unbelievable!  I love her, she is so incredibly talented.  I first saw her in the movie Rent when she played Maureen, then she was the lead in WICKED as the wicked witch and recently she has appeared on Glee as Rachel’s mom.

IMG_4379 20120613-IMG_4382.jpg

Screen shot 2012-07-27 at 10.33.22 PM Screen shot 2012-07-27 at 10.07.29 PM


June 10, 2012 | Dinner in a Fort


June 9, 2012 | Switch-a-Roo

Aunt Cory took Emmalee for the afternoon and over night.


Shelby spent the night with me. It was great for me to spend time with her since she has grown into a beautiful teenager and young woman.  We went shopping, made home-made pizza, watched tv and of course talked into the wee hours.  It was priceless!

IMG_4370 IMG_4373 IMG_4374

June 8, 2012 | Date Night

Bren and I went to see MIB III at the AMC Cinema Suites which is the best way to see a movie! There are only 20 people in the theater, you get your own leather recliner and the food and drinks come straight to your seat.

IMG_1362 IMG_4361

June 7, 2012 | Meeting Jeremiah

Dan and Jessica are one of the sweetest couples in our small group from church. Due to an unfortunate string of events Jessica’s sister is unable to care for her son, Jeremiah. Thankfully the courts granted Jessica and Dan custody of an amazing little boy. So early June they recently adopted him and brought him back to Texas. :o ) After he had been in town for a week or two, the home group girls went over to meet him. Emma tagged along and the two of them hit it off…I think it was the matching glow-in-the dark white hair. I love that she is under the covers and he is on top; keeping the love in check all ready.

IMG_4340 IMG_4342

June 6, 2012 | Our Dancing Queen

Emmalee will find any reflective surface in this house to watch herself dance…including the refrigerator!

Later that night she put on a dance show and taught us that she is always soaking things up, even if we don’t thing she’s paying attention. A couple nights before we watched the Glee prom episode while she was playing and thought she wasn’t paying a bit of attention. Until she repeated the exact moves first to an Irish song Bren was listening to and then to the same song…we are in trouble :o )

June 5, 2012 | Emmalee Started Swimming Lessons

Emma took swimming lessons with a neighbor friend Tuesday – Friday for two weeks. It’s truly incredible how quick kids learn and adapt to new things. By the end of the first week, Emma was a pro; holding her breathe and swimming long distances under the water, jumping in and then swimming to us and even diving for things on the bottom of the pool. The little fish continues to impress us.

20120605-IMG_1344.jpg IMG_1345 20120608-IMG_1357.jpg

June 2, 2012 | Birthday Celebration Kid Style

Saturday morning when daddy got home we went to OPH for breakfast, across the highway to IKEA for some light shopping, stopped at the ballpark to see if we could get tickets to the Rough Riders game but realized just how hot it was while standing in line and how not fun a baseball game in the sun would be so we passed and went home for a family nap.

When we woke up we headed back over to Frisco and partied at Gattitown. We ate tons of pizza and played lots of games. Emmalee tired her hand and bowling.  (See the efforts below)  On the way home that night I looked over at Brendan and remarked that this is what it feels like to celebrate our adult birthday kid style – we spend mine at the zoo and his at an entertainment arcade.  Love it.

June 1, 2012 | Happy Birthday to Daddy

After work, Emmalee and I went to the store and bought daddy his favorite dessert combo, red velvet cake and Blue Bells red velvet ice cream. We took it up to the station and got to spend some time with the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Daddy Crazy Hair

June 1, 2012 | Mommy Lesson

We read the potty training book about Ashley and Emmalee said the word poopoo so funny it made me laugh to the point of not being able to breath which of course peaked Emma’s attention. She keeps saying it to try and get me to laugh again but half of what was so funny was her not trying to be funny. The lesson I learned is to pick a better moment to find something hilarious instead of the word poopoo which is awesome to have her say randomly.

What the…

One morning on the way to the Mrs. Shanna’s house, I couldn’t get my phone to do something and said “What the” and then I hear this little voice from the back seat say “Heck”.  I turned around and asked “what did you just say?” and her reply was “what the heck”.  I have no idea where she picked that up!  I had to explain that we don’t say that…where do kids get this stuff?

What the

May 23, 2012

April – May 2012

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May 31, 2012 | I went on a business trip to Nashville for a couple of days.  I got home late Thursday night, came in said hello to Brendan and went straight to the closet to change clothes.  As I was changing, I heard a little voice say ‘Momma I miss you’ and my heart leaped.  I turned to see the little monkey in the door way smiling up at me saying “I out of bed”.  I said “yes you are but why?” and what does she respond…”me want to see you”.  My heart melted…needless to say we stayed up and we had some great laughs which ended with all of us falling asleep in our big bed.
The video below is Emmalee giving me ‘puppy kisses’ (little licks like Bower).

May 30, 2012 | Daddy and Emma’s trip to the Grapevine Aquarium which of course had to include a trip to Auntie Anne’s for pretzels.

Aquarium Visit with Daddy

May 27, 2012 | Mommy & Emma day full of shopping, playing, church, napping, caught a movie and FaceTimed with Aunt Jess and Daddy

20120527-IMG_4307.jpg 20120527-IMG_4306.jpg

May 26, 2012 | A fun Saturday night at Blue Goose with Tiffy

20120526-IMG_4303.jpg 20120526-IMG_4302.jpg

May 22, 2012 | Emmalee is a master staller especially at the dinner table

20120522-IMG_4298.jpg 20120522-IMG_4292.jpg 20120522-IMG_4295.jpg 20120522-IMG_4297.jpg

May 19, 2012 | Time with Cousin Madison
Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-2.jpg Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg

May 18, 2012 | Emmalee’s New Favorite Question – Is that funny?
Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 11.06.01 PM
If the video above doesn’t load, click here.

May 11-13 | Mother’s Day Weekend in College Station
The day started out with surprise flowers, a card from Emmalee and tickets to see Idina Menzel.
Mimi was surprised with a quilting sewing machine. She has a long list of people waiting to give her quilting projects so I hope she learns how to use it fast.
DSC_7036 DSC_7034 DSC_7030
Aunt Katy and Uncle John brought over chocolate cake which Emmalee loved! She is following in her Aunt Jess’s love for cake and these looks say it all.
DSC_7009 DSC_7010
Playing the bagpipes…Like her daddy!!

May 6-8, 2012 | Trip to College Station/Houston
Sunday we drove down to College Station and spent the day with Mimi and Papa Doc. Monday I went to work in Houston while everyone else got to play and take a trip to the Children’s Museum. Tuesday night before heading back to Dallas we ran into Aunt Jess and got to enjoy dinner together.
DSC_6990 DSC_6993 DSC_6978 DSC_6976
DSC_6995 DSC_6992 DSC_6986
DSC_6974 DSC_6964 DSC_6959
DSC_6952 DSC_6980 DSC_6962
DSC_6949 DSC_6948 DSC_6946
DSC_6966 DSC_6957 DSC_6955

Thank God she doesn’t know the word DUH or she’d be saying it along with this look.


And she crashes…

DSC_6998 DSC_6999

May 4, 2012 | Swim Time for Our Little Fish

May 2, 2012 | Emma’s Style When She Picks Out Her Outfit
20120502-IMG_4267.jpg 20120502-IMG_4269.jpg

April 2012 | Oh That Silly Monkey

April 21, 2012 | Unplanned Swim Time
We were at a birthday party for one of Brendan’s co-workers and the house we were at had a pool. The water was freezing and since it hadn’t been warm enough yet we didn’t think to bring a swimming suit for Emmalee. That didn’t seem to stop her. Check out that FULL, almost bursting pull-up. We ended up taking it off and she just wore her shirt and panties.
20120421-IMG_4245.jpg 20120421-IMG_4246.jpg

April 20, 2012 | 28th Birthday
When I got to work Thursday morning I was surprised to find my office had been decorated with a banner, balloon and giant birthday card that everyone had signed.
IMG_4204 IMG_4200 IMG_4199
That afternoon we had cake and ice cream to celebrate.
Shortly after cake Charlene called me to the front informing me I had a delivery but she didn’t know from who since it didn’t have a card. I walked up to the lobby to find a beautiful topiary. Just as I was thinking through who it could be from out pops Tiffany with Sprinkles cupcakes in hand. It was a fabulous gift.
IMG_4202 IMG_4206
That night I was surprised to see Kayla at our house to watch Emmalee. Brendan had planned a date night. He took me to Macaroni Grill, a movie and then home so I thought. He surprised me with a hotel stay at aLoft in Frisco. Very sweet and romantic. He even took Friday off to spend it with Emmalee and I.
So Friday morning on my actual birthday we slept in until 8:30 (you can tell we are parents of a small child when we are thankful to sleep uninterrupted until 8:30) to head back home to pick up our little monkey and head to the zoo despite the rainy forecast to keep the family tradition of a zoo visit on mom’s birthday. Although it did indeed rain all but the last 15 minutes we were there we had a blast together as a family. On the way home we stopped at Pottery Barn to use the gift card I got from Papa Brad and Jo-Ma. Then we made another stop for a late lunch at Chick-fil-a before heading home to enjoy one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE THINGS IN LIFE – a family nap in our big bed. We woke up just in time to rush out the door to the movies were we saw Disney’s Chimpanzee movie.
20120420-IMG_4224.jpg 20120420-IMG_4215.jpg
20120420-IMG_4229.jpg 20120420-IMG_4231.jpg 20120420-IMG_4241.jpg

April 14, 2012 | Play Date with Morgan
20120414-IMG_4189.jpg 20120414-IMG_4176.jpg 20120414-IMG_4180.jpg

April 13, 2012 | Daddy’s New Water and Fire Ambagram Tattoos
IMG_4151 IMG_4193 IMG_4192

April 12, 2012 | Papa Brad in Town

April 2, 2012 | Happy Birthday Tiffy
Emmalee learned how to sing happy birthday just in time for Tiffy’s birthday.
Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 11.05.40 PM
If the video above doesn’t load, click here.

April 9, 2012 | Hair Cut & Park Fun
20120409-IMG_4105.jpg 20120409-IMG_4106.jpg

20120409-IMG_4109.jpg 20120409-IMG_4111.jpg 20120409-IMG_4112.jpg

20120409-IMG_4117.jpg 20120409-IMG_4122.jpg
20120409-IMG_4119.jpg 20120409-IMG_4120.jpg 20120409-IMG_4121.jpg
20120409-IMG_4127.jpg 20120409-IMG_4128.jpg

April 6-8, 2012 | Girls Weekend in DC
My mom and I flew to DC for a girls weekend. We crammed in as much sight seeing for mom as possible so the trip was non-stop. We flew in Thursday, enjoyed dinner, stayed up late talking of course but went to sleep reasonably early as we had a packed day ahead of us Friday. During the day Friday, Jess got to give them a tour of her workplace which included a surprise lunch in a special dining area. It was great to be able to see Jess in her element and share in something that she is so passionate about and so clearly holds dear to her heart. That evening Jessica surprised mom with tickets to see the New York Company Ballet perform! We got to the center early to scoop out the gift shop and just so happened to be in the right place at the right to get an excellent behind-the-scenes tour of the beautiful Kennedy Center. Jess and I did learn we are not fans of the ballet though we still enjoyed the experience.
20120406-IMG_4080.jpg 20120406-IMG_4092.jpg


Jessica outlined the remainder of our visit well on her recap so I am going to use her words as to not reinvent the wheel.

“Saturday we started early and headed for the city. With my mom having never visited DC before, we had more to do than could be accomplished in three days, but our efforts were certainly valiant. We started the morning by walking through the Arlington Cemetery, which, if you have never been there, simply cannot be adequately explained in words. You simply have to experience it for yourself. We stayed to watch the changing of the guard and a special changing of the wreath ceremony, both of which were moving.

From there we walked across the Roosevelt Bridge to see all of the war memorials and check in on Lincoln and make sure he was still in good condition. That walk alone was nearly 10 miles and took up well over half the day. Although the weather was absolutely gorgeous, after walking back to my car we decided to do a quick driving tour of the Georgetown campus and then rest our feet while seeing The Hunger Games at the movie theater.

Sunday we had a delicious Easter brunch and then we begrudgingly went to the airport. As luck would have it, all flights into DFW were cancelled due to the bad weather, so we got to enjoy each others company for an extra evening! Jess came back to the airport, we had an early dinner, and then attempted to go to bed early because we were facing a 4AM wake up call. Well, as these things tend to go, we got almost no sleep because our slumber party caught a case of the giggles. It was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend!”

Well said Jess; thanks.  :o)
20120407-IMG_4093.jpg 20120407-IMG_4094.jpg

April 4, 2012 | Night Time Prayer
Emmalee voices the bedtime prayer while I sign it in American Sign Language (ASL). For those that don’t know it or can’t understand what she is saying this is the prayer we say/sign.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Guide me safely through the night,
Meet me at the morning light.

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 11.06.49 PM
If the video above doesn’t load, click here.

April 3, 2012 | Emmalee’s Favorite Game – Nose Stealing
For those that can’t tell what she is saying here is the dialogue:
Emmalee: Mommy’s nose!
Mommy: My nose is right here (pointing to my face)
Emmalee: No, I take you nose
Mommy: Is it behind your back?
Emmalee: Yes
Mommy: Where did it go now?
Emmalee: Mommy’s bed
Emmalee: I take all you nose…all gone
Emmalee: Glasses on nose
Emmalee: All rightie
Emmalee: I take you nose
Emmalee: I take you nose
Emmalee: Humming and a continued victory dance

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 11.05.16 PM
If the video above doesn’t load, click here.

April 1, 2012 | April Fools Joke
Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 11.11.14 PM

If the video above doesn’t load, click here.

May 21, 2012

January – March 2012

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March 31, 2012 | Bluebonnets
Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-14.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-2.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-10.jpg Bluebonnets2012-11.jpg Bluebonnets2012-16.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-6.jpg Bluebonnets2012-5.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-7.jpg Bluebonnets2012-19.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-17.jpg Bluebonnets2012-18.jpg Bluebonnets2012-15.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-13.jpg Bluebonnets2012-20.jpg Bluebonnets2012-21.jpg

Emmalee’s Boyfriend Carson
Courtney watches Emmalee and has three younger siblings; Carson is her baby brother.  He has loved Emmalee since they met; love at first sight.  Thanksgiving last year their family went around the table and said what they were thankful for, they skipped Carson since he was less than 2 at the time.  He yelled out “Hey, me thankful for Emma.” So sweet!

March 25, 2012 | Potty Training
At 18 months, Emmalee showed interest in the potty so we spent a weekend potty training. She did great but discovered mommy wanted her to pee in the potty and she wanted to control mommy so she would pee in front of the potty. After I made her clean it up twice, she was done and wanted to only wear diapers. I said ok, then we revisited it after her second birthday. Again it failed because she wanted to control me with it so I didn’t push the issue and gave her a choice every morning to either be a big girl and wear panties or be a baby and wear diapers; she always picked the diaper. Then she had a weekend of tummy issues and told me she hates wipes. I told her she didn’t have to use wipes if she would use the potty like a big girl. She looked with such a look of disbelief and said “Really?” I said yes ma’am, she replied “Done!”. She got up collected every diaper in the house, threw them away and has gone in the potty ever since! Easiest potty training ever! THAT IS MY STUBBORN, DETERMINED, STRONG-WILLED EMMALEE VAUGHAN KEARNEY.

Now when we want her to do something she doesn’t want to do, Brendan and I have to find ‘the wipes’ – her pain point – that will make her motivated to do whatever it is she doesn’t want to do. Pray for our patience and resilience.

If the above video does not load click here http://youtu.be/wf_Z3tZ0w5w

March 2012 | Bubble Time
Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg

Bluebonnets2012-5.jpg Bluebonnets2012-6.jpg Bluebonnets2012-7.jpg

Bluebonnets2012-8.jpg Bluebonnets2012-9.jpg Bluebonnets2012-10.jpg

March 21, 2012 | Play Time
Bluebonnets2012-2.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg

Emmalee can be a little bossy especially when she is comfortable with you.  She knows Carson well, her boyfriend, and the other two boys are her Deaf friends in her Sunday school class.


March 18, 2012 | On Our Way to Hannah’s Birthday Party


March 2, 2012 | Dallas World Aquarium Visit
I told Emmalee we were going to the aquarium and she was super excited but when we got off the elevator to start the tour in the rainforest section she lost it. She was shouting “AQUARIUM MOMMY! No monkeys in aquarium! Fish, sharks, turtles in aquarium!” She wouldn’t drop it so we had to go to the bottom level and take the tour backwards so we could see the standard aquarium animals first. She had a point and mommy learned a lesson that day that Emmalee is a smart girl that needs all the information up front. If I had simply told her we were going to the aquarium and rainforest exhibit all would have gone smoothly. Good to know for next time. Once the aquarium life was in sigh we had a blast; so much so that she passed out in the car on the way home while reading a book, literally feel asleep in the book.
Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg IMG_3876 IMG_3877
Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg Bluebonnets2012-5.jpg

March 1, 2012 | More Park Time
Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-2.jpg

February 2012 | Mommy & Daddy’s Trip to Florida – Universal Orlando
Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

February 2012 | Park Time
Untitled Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg


Untitled Untitled Untitled

January | Trip to College Station
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg Untitled Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg
Bluebonnets2012-6.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-7.jpg Bluebonnets2012-5.jpg

May 18, 2012

Highlights of 2011

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Spring swimming lessons

Little Fish-Cropped cutie_brightened gansta

Aunt Katy and Uncle John got married in April and Emmalee was one of the flower girls. The wedding was gorgeous as was the bride and Brendan officiated the ceremony. At the reception Emma was the life of the reception; I partied late into the night.

untitled-15 untitled-80 untitled-83 untitled-166

untitled-167 IMG_2478 untitled-187

June 1 Brendan turned the big 3-0.  Of course I had to throw a surprise party.

DSC_4644-2-Edit.jpg DSC_4647-2-Edit.jpg
DSC_4699-2.jpg DSC_4696-2-Edit.jpg DSC_4649-2.jpg
Screen shot 2012-05-24 at 8.22.21 PM DSC_4691-2-Edit.jpg Screen shot 2012-05-24 at 8.22.06 PM
DSC_4684-2-Edit.jpg DSC_4680-2.jpg DSC_4715-2-Edit.jpg DSC_4749-2-Edit.jpg

Emmalee turned 2 in June and had a photo shoot with Aunt Katy and Uncle John.

studio_session-476-edit-2 studio_session-404-edit-3
studio_session-697-edit studio_session-770-edit-2 studio_session-763-edit-2
studio_session-642-edit-2 studio_session-517-edit

July 3rd we had an intimate birthday party with family and close friends.
DSC_5257.jpg DSC_5271.jpg DSC_5306.jpg
DSC_5239.jpg DSC_4960.jpg DSC_4964.jpg
DSC_5187.jpg DSC_5188.jpg DSC_5192.jpg DSC_5243.jpg DSC_5163.jpg
DSC_4993.jpg  DSC_4974.jpg  DSC_5267.jpg 
DSC_5355.jpg  DSC_5021.jpg  DSC_5134.jpg 
DSC_5173.jpg  DSC_5336.jpg  DSC_5334.jpg
DSC_5346.jpg  DSC_5369.jpg  20120525-7259638530_eb377e6d7f_m.jpg
DSC_5373.jpg  20120525-7259639340_ab90ea3be1_m.jpg  20120525-7259650216_dee5789b82_m.jpg

Gotta love technology!  Jo-Ma and Papa Brad attended via FaceTime all the way from Atlanta, Aunt Jess from DC and Nana from Iowa.  Thank you iPhone.

DSC_5232.jpg DSC_5204.jpg

And she sleeps…

In July, we went down to Austin to visit Aunt Katy and Uncle John.  We got to swim and little fish Emma loved every minute.

dsc_6064 dsc_6243

dsc_6151 dsc_6043


In August, we flew to Iowa to visit Nana and J-Pa.  We also saw Aunt Jess, Cousin Kristine and her son Jacob.
IMG_2796 IMG_2840

IMG_2855 IMG_2876


IMG_2877 Screen shot 2012-05-20 at 6.46.55 PM

September was a big month for mommy.  I left Beck after 5.5 years and am now the CRM Database Manager for an engineering and consulting firm.  I love the company, my work and the folks I work with, I couldn’t be happier, especially with my new office.
Untitled IMG_3763

Untitled Untitled

IMG_3692 Untitled

Big year for Kearney weddings.  In October, Aunt Emily and Uncle Taylor got married and had a party.  Emmalee had to buy pink boots to match her Auntie Em.


_dsc6458-edit-edit dsc_8065-edit

dsc_8061-edit _dsc6164-edit dsc_7986-edit_crop

I was a bumble bee this year for Halloween.

IMG_3186 IMG_3154

IMG_3157 IMG_3150 IMG_3156 IMG_3155

Pictures with Great Grandpa and Nana for Thanksmas 2011 (Thanksgiving and Christmas Combo)

IMG_3168 IMG_3163

IMG_3226 IMG_3231


Pictures from Christmas at the Kearney’s. Her favorite gift was the $10 box that the toys game in, of course.

_DSC6835 _DSC6604

_DSC6790 _DSC6856

New Mas (New Year and Christmas Combo) with the Phillips’ and Klein’s.

_DSC7019 Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-2.jpg

Headed to the park and Papa played hared them Emmalee but they both equally napped afterwards.

Bluebonnets2012-5.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg Bluebonnets2012-1.jpg

Bluebonnets2012-2.jpg Bluebonnets2012-3.jpg Bluebonnets2012-4.jpg IMG_3566

Other great Emmalee photos from 2011

IMG_2221 photo

IMG_0987 IMG_0989

Mommy & Emma IMG_2126

IMG_3093 IMG_3106

IMG_3117 IMG_2356

IMG_2527 IMG_2650

IMG_2579 IMG_2548 IMG_2363

IMG_2417 IMG_2409


IMG_3126 IMG_3127 IMG_3131

January 13, 2012

Backpacking Sister Adventure of 2011

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I am borrowing blog space from Emmalee for this special post; I’m sure she won’t mine sharing.

On Sunday, December 4th my ‘kid’ sister and I embarked on a whirlwind tour of Western Europe. The goals were simple: accomplish Jessica’s goal to visit five continents by the time she was 25 and visit a country of our family’s heritage.

Thus, we backpacked all the way from Africa to Sweden. Our trip included three continents and seven countries all in a whoppin’ seven days. That type of traveling, especially when you walk all day, carry everything on your shoulders, shower infrequently, and sleep in some non-traditional locations is not for the faint of heart.

After getting to Spain we spent the rest of the day touring Malaga, a small city on the coast.  At 11PM that evening we boarded an overnight ferry bound for Morocco. We were encouraged to be careful and received numerous warnings about the area we were going, and the next day we discovered why.  In the morning, we disembarked and took a taxi to “la frontera” (the border crossing between the Spanish port territory of Melilla and Morocco proper). We were dropped off in what felt like the middle of nowhere.  Needless to say, we stayed long enough to achieve Jessica’s goal of spending the day on the continent of Africa. We opted to hung out at the safe and cozy ferry port for most of the evening and enjoyed a nice sunset and view back across to the European continent

IMG_3289 Cathedral in Malaga, Spain 12.5.2011 View from Ferry at Malaga Port, Spain 12.5.2011 IMG_3307

After taking the overnight ferry back to Spain, we departed for Zurich, Switzerland. Thankfully Zurich was much more welcoming and hospitable than Morocco and Spain, despite the colder weather and rain. Once we arrived we set out on a tour of the city that included navigating our way around the complicated and busy Zurich train station (during which we stopped to enjoy some very warm and delicious pretzels–see picture of the pretzel stand and the nice guys who posed for us), visiting the oldest clock tower in Europe, other interesting sites, heaven (a.k.a. the largest chocolate store ever!) and a delicious dinner of Hungarian goulash and breaded escolantes (or something like that; we didn’t even know what it was at the time, but it tasted good).

We had originally planned to sleep at the Zurich train station because our ride to Frankfurt left at 6AM, but when we arrived in Zurich we quickly realized that wouldn’t be an option. It was an open-air station with no benches (probably to discourage the very thing we were looking to do), so we checked into a cozy hotel to enjoy real beds and warm showers. In the morning we caught our train to Frankfurt and marveled at how punctual the Swiss are (with their train schedule at least).

Frankfurt did not do as good of a job (in our humble opinion) of mixing older architecture with modern designs. Instead of the two blending seamlessly, they stood in stark contrast to one another. Frankfurt isn’t the 1% tourist spot of Germany, but it was still interesting. After arriving at one of the largest train stations in all of Europe (and not getting lost!) we took the local S-bahn to the city center. We saw a contemporary mall that had a very unique design. The architect wanted to literally pull visitors into the building, and the glass cut out and inside spiral reflected that. It isn’t very easy to see in photographs, but it was very neat.  We walked around the city square and found a church from the 14th century that had a beautiful organ, ancient Roman ruins that were being excavated, and Frankfurt’s landmark steel footbridge that offered a great view of the skyline.

IMG_3366 IMG_0236

Across from the footbridge was Frankfurt’s Christmas market. This is where we spent the rest of the day, enjoying the local food, drinks, flare, culture, and doing some light shopping. It is one of the best in all of Europe, and the latkes (fried potato patties that you can either dip in sour cream–yuck!–or apple sauce–yum!), aplewein (apple cider of some kind), brautwursts, chocolate covered strawberries and grapes, and candy sticks were delicious! We did not starve this day!

IMG_3379 IMG_3380

From Frankfurt we flew to Stockholm, with a quick layover in Berlin. We were definitely excited to get to Sweden, but when we landed at midnight, had a half our bus ride to the city, and then had to find our way to the hostel, we were in desperate need of sleep and welcomed the site of our cozy beds. We woke up in the morning refreshed and ready for another day of site seeing in yet another country. We walked down to the opera house and royal palace where we saw the changing of the guards.

IMG_3416 IMG_3433 Changing of the guard

We stopped off for lunch at this cavernous restaurant that had their menu printed in Swedish, French, English, Chinese, Russian, and German. Quite the international joint! We kept with our tradition of eating local food and enjoyed reindeer with black currant jelly and potato quiche, as well as meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam. It was different, but all very tasty. Unfortunately it got dark at 3:00 in the afternoon, so the pictures from the rest of our day didn’t quite turn out well. But, after lunch we went to the Stockholm Christmas market for more treats and souveniers, visited the dalah horse museum, and walked all over the two southern “islands” of Stockholm, Gamla Stan and Sodermalm. Later in the evening we went to a bar for a drink and to get warm, then ventured off to find a local spot for dinner.  Unfortunately when we got there it was closed. So, we trekked along on foot and by the tunnelebana for a good hour until we got back to the train station where we needed to be later that night anyway.

We were hungry enough at that point that we didn’t care where we ate, we just wanted something close by, so we stopped at the first restaurant we found, which was Vapianos (they have one in DC and Dallas). The hostess asked if we were comfortable sharing the 4 top with other people and we said sure. Two gentlemen sat down across from us and when they got their food the older gentleman said “Bon Apetite!” He was a little taken aback when we replied, “You too,” in English as he thought we were Swedes (how awesome!). He asked where we were from, and long story short, it turned out he was a French-Israeli diplomatic journalist that had just come from interviewing Dick Cheney and Rick Perry in Houston, Texas. Talk about a small world! He and his friend, a young (good looking) Israeli television broadcaster who is currently stationed in London talked with us for the better part of the next three hours. It was truly surreal to be in Stockholm, Sweden, millions of miles away from home, speaking with two foreign nationals in perfect English about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. The young journalist even educated us on what American television shows we should and shouldn’t be watching! Those experiences one of the greatest things about traveling.

We were sad to leave Stockholm, as it was our favorite destination thus far, but I was excited to get to Paris and see the sites there. The next day we arrived in France, and I quickly realized the City of Love/Lights may not be all that she hoped.  Paris is too crowded, the people are not nice (generally speaking), it is intense 24/7, decaying, and dirty. There were gypsies and peddlers at all of the major tourist destinations, so that unfortunately ruined the atmosphere. Plus, at this point we were 7 days into our trip and utterly exhausted, so we were not in the mood to be jostled around. The cities we visited in all of the other countries were more off the beaten path so we just hadn’t experienced this yet, and I’m glad we only did for one day.


IMG_0267 IMG_0238

We made the best of our late night tour Paris, and arrived back at the airport at 2AM ready to head home. Staying up all night had its benefits because once we got on the plane and discovered there were entire rows of four empty toward the back of the bottom level, we sprawled out and slept for all but1 hour of the 8 hour journey. Not too shabby!

We had an incredible time and are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to make life memories with our best friend. It was a whirlwind trip, but the opportunity of a lifetime.

Click here if the above video doesn’t play when you click on it.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8xywCkJ8x4

Written By Jessica, Edited by Courtney, Video by Both

December 15, 2011

Emmalee’s Christmas Wish List

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Clothes Size | 3t

Shoes Size | Toddler 7

Toddler Bubbles Tumbler

Finger Paint Paper and Tray

Tag™ Junior Book: 1-2-3 Dora!

Tag™ Junior Book: Curious George Color Fun 

Nemo Hooded Towel

Monkey Hooded Towel

Lady Bug Hooded Towel

Bubble Bee Hooded Towel

Duckie Hooded Towel

Zippity™: Learning System

Dr. Play Set

Basketball Hoop

Soccer Goal

Little Tikes Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe

February 24, 2011

First Post for 2011

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Feburary’s Fun

Vernice and Noble came up for the weekend. Emily and Taylor came up for the Bull Riding at Cowboy’s Stadium and stayed with us Friday nigth and half of Saturday.  We had a blast! Click below to see the fun we had together.


Emmalee’s first time to swing all by herself in a big girl swing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOGMJeTkNw4

Mommy and Emmalee having fun http://yfrog.us/j3lnxz   

Emma loves her daddy and his attention. Any time he looked away she’d pull his shirt & make him pay attention to her http://yfrog.us/gixw9z

Emmalee wouldn’t eat so I pulled out the camera…she will de anything for the camera which is good and bad :-| http://yfrog.us/5xvwvz

Our little mommy in the making loves to feed her baby http://yfrog.us/83q9hz

Mommy’s first home hair cut…how did I do?

Hair Moomma and Emma back side 

Visiting daddy on Valentine’s Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz4-aPaLCxY

Picture taken after her swimming lessons.  The instructor gave her a sucker and she thought she was quite the big girl!

cutie gansta Sucker

Playroom Fun with Kelli http://yfrog.us/068rtz

When did Emmalee get this big?  We have since bought a booster seat so she doesn’t have to sit on reams of paper. :o )


Bower $900

Wagon $150

Watching Bower Pull Emmalee in her Wagon PRICELESS


After an hour and a half of not napping I go into to find this goof ball http://yfrog.us/448o8z

Emma’s 2 fav things to do these days: playing the in the pantry http://yfrog.us/66a48z

and stacking the cans from the pantry http://yfrog.us/5et2rz

Our Little Miss Independent! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1xIKmFBk40

Papa Brad taking Emmalee for a ride http://yfrog.us/5o3e6z

This little monkey’s hangin on the bed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fmBaqHHngU

Papa got Emmalee to talk more than we have ever seen her talk. Guess he spoke her language. http://yfrog.us/2ohunz

Oh TX how I love thee and your crazy weather. It was 78 one day and then two days later this crazy ice and snow!




Eskimo Kisses with Mommy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNK0WJCrowk

What a big girl!!! PS Her hands are pink from the marker she was using before the puzzle http://yfrog.us/3ta9uz

Emmalee heard tango music on a commercial and started dancing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkVDS9430_E

Emmalee’s new hair dew.  The pig tails are so cute but she won’t leave them in :o (

pig tails_1 pig tails_2

Emma loves to dance in her high chair http://yfrog.us/n23r7z

Emmalee and Morgan having fun until Emma laughed so much she threw up :-( I hate vomit!

play date

Bren fought a big fire early in the morning on Jan. 13 in the ice and freezing weather

House Fire 002 House Fire 008 House Fire 014  

Snow was in the air in Texas   http://yfrog.us/5sw2vz

snow day 

Emmalee started swimming lessons!

Little Fish

Uncle Rich and Emmalee hanging out on the drive way….now do you see why I cut her hair (she had a mullett)

Thurs Jan 6th

Emmalee got a hold of a red marker and used it as lipstick…she did pretty good


We spent New Year’s in College Station with the Kearney’s celebrating Christmas

Auntie Em with Emmalee

Grandma gave Emmalee a lady bug pillow pal and while Emma was ‘riding’ it a real lady bug crawled on board

riding the lady bug 2 lady bugs hand


Misc 2010 videos to share

We saw megamind as a family today and it wore Emma out http://yfrog.us/7buu7z

Emmalee feeding herself…well kind of http://yfrog.us/5ycmez

It’s the little things in life http://yfrog.us/n1tfnz  

The fun you can have with a simple box http://yfrog.us/f5v3kz    

Emmalee enjoying her first smoothie http://yfrog.us/mi3e2z  

She likes daddy’s pumpkin smash too http://yfrog.us/4ykmfz  

Gotta love the back and forth back and forth http://yfrog.us/2ro4rcz  

Emmalee loves to push the button and dance http://yfrog.us/14wjqz  


Our 2010 recap letter

2011 Happy New Year


Brendan is going on another mission trip this year.  This time to Amazon; read about the details here.

2011 Amazon Trip

October 23, 2010

Long Time No Blog :-(

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First Year Photos

dscf0069_0 dscf0068_0

ioiop_0 dscf0040_0 uiiuoui_0

dscf0043 dscf0045 dscf0042 32222  

 0900- 898 76787 4343

98756 233 0-90- 87

666 00000 0000 000

7.13.10 – Unexpected Target Photo Shoot

 P17 P20 P15

 E14 P13 E16

P8 P9 P10

E4 P7 E31

E1  E6 E3

7.17.10 – Emmalee holds her sippie cup so funny; it’s like she’s praying to the the Lord, giving Him thanks for the sippie cup. Cracks me up!


7.17.2010 Brendan and Shelby at their scuba diving class

 Bren Under Water Group Shot Shelby Under Water

7.18.10 – We attend the 9 o’clock service at church and then I volunteer at the 11:15 service.  So between services Emmalee gets to play in the big kids room with momma. She loves it!

 IMG_0550 IMG_0551

7.19.10 – Happy Birthday Callie

While taking ASL classes I became friends with two great ladies, Jamie and Lisa. On the 19th we all got together with our kiddos for lunch.

7.19.10 - Lunch

7.20.10 – Welcome to the world and Happy Birthday Georgia Beatrice Marks

7.23.10 – Emma’s First Day to walk…I included the video from my last post just in case you hadn’t seen it.



7.23.10 – The Kearney’s agreed to take Bower while we went to Atlanta.  We all met half way in Fairfield for dinner and the exchange.


7.23.10 – Passion Flower 2 months old

IMG_0597 IMG_0581 Passion Flower2_m IMG_0569

7.24.10 – My co-worker, Tiffany, came over to see the house and hang out with Emmalee.  She took these photos and the ones above of the passion flowers.

Emma Cutie_m Court and Emma_m

7.26.10 – Cousin Madison spending the night and Emmalee was in Heaven!


7.27.10 – Happy Birthday Becky George

IMG_0632 IMG_0633

7.28.10 – Happy Birthday Cousin Paul

8.1.10 – Swinging Like a Monkey

IMG_0667_cropped IMG_0671

8.1.10 – Bower with Grandma and Grandpa

Bower at Grandma's

8.3.10 – Happy Birthday Great Grandpa

8.4.10 – Happy Birthday Grandma Nicé and Aunt Jessica

8.5-8.9.10 – Dive Trip

Thursday Cousin Shelby and Cousin Madison flew with Emmalee and I to Atlanta.  Here we are waiting for our flight.

 IMG_0687 IMG_0686

Due to weather in Atlanta, we were stuck on the runway for 45 minutes in the TEXAS HEAT, needless to say it was awful!  Emma got so hot and sweaty we had to strip her down to just her diaper.  We were so happy to finally get in the air we had a celebratory toast.

IMG_0708 IMG_0703 IMG_0689

Fun in Atlanta

IMG_0718 DSC01465 DSC01462 DSC01464 DSC01463 DSC01461

This little monkey figured out how to climb up on the coffee table.

DSC_0030 DSC_0029

Fun at the pool

IMG_0728 IMG_0745 IMG_0744

DSC01476 DSC01472 DSC01483

8.8.10 Dive Day

Shelby’s reaction to her first view of the tank and the animals she’d be swimming with was priceless.  I don’t think her eyes could have gotten any bigger!

DSC01490 IMG_0758

Her excited just grew from there…check out the big whale shark passing in the tank behind the excited divers.


The divers getting there pre-dive photo.

DSC01500 DSC01492 sc0015bde6

Here are some of the animals they got to swim with…these pictures were taken from still images from the video of their dive.

Still 51 Still 55 Still 49

Time for the divers to get in the water!

Still 39 Still 33 IMG_0784 Still 40

They stopped to let the manta rays swim right over them to ‘eat’ their bubbles.

Still 59 Still 47

The two left pictures are taken from the big open window in the main viewing gallery.  Yes that is Brendan behind Emmalee and I. The right one from the tunnel where they first made their public appearance.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800 copy IMG_0773

While they were wrapping up the dive Madison and I got to go through the penguin exhibit.

IMG_0805 IMG_0810

Here’s my boyfriend penguin…he kept kissing me through the glass ;o)


The family and friends of the divers got a behind-the-scenes tour.  It rocked!

This is the view of the top of the tank that they dove in!  It’s the length of a football field and holds 6.3 millions gallons of water!

panarama copy 

Emmalee hung on without a nap for so long until she finally found a hard surface to CRASH on!  Poor thing was soooo tired.

IMG_0839 IMG_0841

Atlanta wouldn’t be the same without a trip to Stone Mountain.


8.10.10 – Play date with neighbors Jessica and Morgan


8.13.10 – Happy Birthday Jennifer Lange

8.14.10 – We took a trip to Keith and Becca Smith’s Bay House.

On the way we stopped in Shiner, Texas to tour the brewery and get some free beer of course.

brewery IMG_0872

We also stopped at the local fire station.

fire station

We had a great weekend spending time with Keith and Becca, hanging out, relaxing and enjoying life.  Brendan and I walked out to the pier one night and I picked up the fishing pole and catch a fish on the second try.

IMG_0879 copy IMG_0884


Kearney's copy Smith's copy 

8.18.10 – Bren’s new tattoo inspired by his mission trip to Guatemala. It is 1 Thess. 2:8-12 in original Greek.

IMG_0676 Bren's Tat IMG_0678

8.19.10 – Happy Wedding Anniversary Moriah and Jeremy Smith

8.21.10 – Happy Wedding Anniversary Bill and Nina Hartwig

8.23.10 – Appointment with Dr. Mehendale about the ‘noise’ Emmalee makes when she breathes.  After being scoped we found out that her epiglottis is too flappy and she will grow out of it when it developes and becomes more firm.

IMG_0920_lightened copy

8.27.10 – Bren murdered my plant on it’s 3 month birthday.  He says it was an accident while mowing the lawn; he got too close to the base of the flower. :(

IMG_0935 IMG_0933

8.27.10 – Bill & Nina Hartwig came over to see the house and hang out with Emmalee.  They brought her a cute outfit and a very pretty doll.  Later that night the Lee’s came over for dinner.  Clay Lee went on the fire fighter mission trip with Brendan.  His wife, Kimberly, and I work together in the church preschool ministry.  They have a 2 year old daughter named Olivia and one on the way.

IMG_0943 IMG_0938

8.28.10 – Mary, my friend since middle school, came over to hang out with Emmalee and get a tour of the house.

IMG_0950_editted copy

8.30.10 – We meet the Kearney’s in Fairfield to give them Bower.  They were awesome and agreed to take him while we where in Iowa over Labor Day.

9.1.10 – Time at Cory’s with the girls means crazy things happening to Emmalee.


9.2-9.6.10 – Lindell Family Reunion in Iowa

9.2.10 - The long drive to Iowa started at 5:30 and on the way I got my first slim jim, Emmalee tried her first fast food hamburger and everything was going smoothly until 10 o’clock when I giant bug landed on Bren’s leg.  When we saw the giant bug and I freaked out and made Bren pull over which work Emmalee up.  It took until 1 am to get her back to sleep. 

At 3:00 am we stopped in Kansas City to find a bathroom and switch drivers for the last leg of the drive.  We finally pulled into Des Moines at 5:15am, were in bed by 5:45 and had Emma back to sleep by 6:15.  Gama Karla was gracious enough to take her down stairs to give us more sleep when Emma was wide awake a couple hours later.

Friday 9.3.10

Emmalee spent the morning with Gama while we slept in and recovered from the long drive.

At noon cousin Paul came over to meet Emmalee and have lunch together.  He and Jess had gone shopping the day before and he built Emmalee a bear named Officer Banana.

Afterwards we went to the mall where Emmalee got to play and get out some of her energy.

Iowa Playland 

Later that night Great Uncle Denny, Great Aunt Jaime, Cousin Kristine, Cousin Fred and Cousin Jacob all came over to hang out.  It was the first time for our family to meet baby Jacob and man is he a cutie.  The great grandparents were there too and got to enjoy spending time watching Emmalee.

Before bed Emmalee got to enjoy a bath in Gama’s big tub.


Saturday 9.4.1 0 – Happy Birthday Colby Plante

We all headed to the zoo and the kids held on for as long as they could but during the show with the seals Emma crashed.

IMG_0956 IMG_0957

Lunch at Kristine and Fred’s

9.5.10 – Happy Birthday Papa Brad

Sunday we got up and hung around Gama Karla’a until it was time to head back over to Fred and Kristine’s.  Fred was awesome and took family pictures again.  To keep Emmalee engaged we let her enjoy a little play time until it was our turn.

9.11.10 – We went down to College Station to visit Bren’s parents and sister.  Oh and to get Bower back.

9.12.10 – Happy Birthday Debbie Skaggs

9.16.10 – Happy First Birthday Audrey Marie Schaere

9.17.10 – Family Day at Willowbend when Emmalee got her first hair cut.  BIG MILESTONE!

IMG_0998 IMG_0994

9.19.10 -Emmalee at Church Loving on a Baby

9.20.10 – Happy Birthday Soon-to-be Uncle John

9.22.10 -  Madison playing with Emma and putting her in the itti bitti wagon


9.23.10 – Happy Birthday Nina…it was also my Passion Flower’s 4 month birthday

IMG_0690 IMG_1036

9.24.10 – Emmalee’s first trip to the fair.  It was also her and Mary’s first time on the Big Texas Star.

IMG_1015 IMG_1018

9.25.10 – Emmalee and I went over to my co-worker, Tiffany’s, house to meet her new cat, Tanner.  We had fun until she melted down and we had to leave.  Yay for the toddler years.

How is my kid this CUTE?

9.26.10 – Emmalee and I were enjoying a picnic and then she slipped off the deck, hit her forehead and blood was every where.  For such a little gash there sure was a great deal of blood.  Apparently head wounds bleed so much due to all the blood vessels in the head.

IMG_1044 IMG_1046 IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1053

9.27.10 – Happy Birthday Aunt Emily

9.28.10 – Happy Birthday Ciji

9.30.10 – Happy Birthday Samantha and Sophilia

10.2.10 – Happy Birthday Ali

I went to Ali’s Birthday dinner and Bren went to hang out with some of the guys from the station so Emmalee got to spend some time with the Neuzils.

Kelsey and Emma Carl and Emma

10.3.10 – Happy Birthday Marisa 

10.7.10 – Here’s Emma dancing to the song her favorite toy plays.  We were playing while waiting for our friend from College Station, Ellen, to get in town.  Ellen went to dinner with Emmalee and I and spent the night. It was great to see her.


10.8.10 – Before Papa Brad flew out, he came over to hang out with Emmalee and spend time with her.

Emmalee started putting anything she could hold up on her shoulder.  It was the strangest thing.

10.9.10 – Happy Birthday Katherine Edwards

Emmalee’s version of playing in the sprinkler

10.11.10 – We wanted a smoothie from Jumba Juice and so did Emmalee so we let her try some and it was a big hit.

10.13.10 – Jessica and 5 yr. old Morgan came down for a play date Wednesday night.  It was awesome to see Emmalee get along with her and for them to have so much fun together.

10.16.10 – Happy Birthday Chuck Plante

Brendan worked Saturday so Emma went to work with me that morning.  That afternoon I was co-hosting a spa party at our house and couldn’t get a babysitter so Emmalee had to take a nap during the party.  I needed to keep her up until at least 1:30 so after work I took Emmalee to Which Wich to get lunch.  Everything was going good until she saw that I ordered a milk shake…to be saved for dessert but try telling that to a toddler.  Getting through lunch was exhausting but at least it killed time.  On the way home I stopped at the park by the house and let her get some energy out.  Notice where some of the milk shake ended up.  Oh and the static from her walking under the slide was driving her nuts.  It was hilarious.

1 2 3 4 5  

10.18.10 – Happy Birthday Cousin Madison

We had a consult with a new doctor in the Flower Mound area and fell in love with Dr. Bookout.  We knew it would be hard to find a replacement for Dr. Mehendale but we just didn’t work to drive across the metroplex when there are good doctors right down the road.  Dr. Bookout was great with Emmalee and we agreed with her philosphy of medicine.

10.20.10 – Passion Flower 5 Months Old

The showy and spectacular passion flower vine, or Passiflora, has its tendrils in religion. Some associate the blossom with the crucifixion of Christ. One version is that the fringed corona represents the crown of thorns and the five stamens represent the five wounds. Passiflora flowers last for three days, which is the time elapsed between the crucifixion and the resurrection.  My blossoms must be in their baby stages still because they only seem to last one day.

5 months
The other day when I went out to check on the flowers the leaves looked gold.

Gold Leaves


10.22.10 – Emma’s 15 month well check-up with our new pediatrican, Dr. Bookout.  Emmalee meaured in at 31 inches (75%) and weighed 22.2 lbs (50%).


10.23.10 – Family Trip to the Park

I couldn’t believe Emmalee was cool with going down the tall slide.  It was so steap I was nervous to go down it.  She has no fear!

Tall Slide 

When we got back from the park Emmalee walked up to Bren’s computer, figured out how to open it and started typing.  Yesterday she took my debt card out of my wallet at the grocery store and tried to swipe it at the card machine.  They really do watch and mimic our every move.  What a reminder to watch our actions.


August 5, 2010

End of July, really?

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Emma is walking more and more every day



Emma on her slide…climbing up all by herself


Emma in her pool…well mostly in her pool


Wednesday, June 30th

Cinnamon Fun


Sunday, July 4th

Birthday Pictures

Birthday Girl with her cake

Birthday Girl with her cake_3 Birthday Girl with her cake_2 Birthday Girl with her cake_4

Ali and I Gama and Kathy Group Shot

Jean, Noble Delicous Birthday Cake Morgan and Emma

Rocking Horse Rocking Horse_2 Silly Momma

Sunday, July 11th

Great Grandma’s Birthday

Tuesday, July 13th

Emmalee and I were at Target printing pictures when the photographer from their in-store studio asked how old Emmalee was…After a few other questions she asked if Emmalee had ever MODELED!!!  45 minutes later and 3 background changes Emmalee had completed her first modeling photo shoot.  We got a free 10×13 and two 5×7 for our time.  So if you are ever at the Carrollton Target at Hebron and 35 you could see Emmalee’s picture up on the wall!  Crazy!

A_AdorableIMG_0583  Bath Collage  

ONE Collage  

Once the family saw the proofs they just had to have the CD so once that is in I will post those pictures.

July 10, 2010

Summer Update – Long Over Due

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Saturday May 29 – Grandma Nicè and Emmalee cuddling while watching TV 

1 2

Monday May 31 – Memorial Day with Dr. Swanson

3 4_resize

June 3 – Emmalee playing in the church preschool


Sunday June 6 – Look at that smile


Monday June 7 – Doesn’t she think she’s cute in momma’s sunglasses


Momma and Emmalee got bored waiting on daddy at Home Depot so we had fun on the riding lawn mowers


Thursday June 10 - I got an email at work titled “Emma in a very small wagon being pulled by Madison” when I opened the email to see the picture below I burst into laughter.


Girls spent the night; little did they know they would be put to work


They did take a break to play dress-up with Emmalee

10 11

Friday June 11 – Emmalee’s first time in a pool.  She had a blast!


12           13b

Saturday June 12 – My passion flower bloomed for the first time


 15       16

Emma loves her walking toy


Check out those cute shoes – they were mine when I was Emma’s age


Dinner with Ali


Sunday June 13 – Papa Brad lovin’ on Emmalee before bed


Monday June 14 – Our family photo we hope to put on a postcard and send out with our new address

19b_Family Photo

Friday June 18 – Lunch with Amanda and Audrey at Chick-fil-a

21 copy 

Saturday June 19 – Swimming with Katy, John, Momma and Daddy in Austin

22 2324 2628 27 25

Sunday June 20 – My passion flower turns a month old – it’s crazy how much it’s grown in one month.


Monday June 21 – My girlfriend from college, Callie, and her two kids, Riley and Luke, came over for a play date.


Cory, Shelby and Madison gave Emmalee a picnic table with 4 chairs and an umbrella.   I think Emmalee enjoyed helping the girls put it together more than she did using it with them.

30a 30c 30b

Emmalee with her cousins Shelby and Madison watching Kipper looking like a big girl


Friday June 25 – Cory, Shelby and Madison gave Emmalee another birthday gift; her first stroller and baby!


Sunday June 27 – Emmalee approved of her new playroom


Madison playing dress up made for one of the cutest pictures of Emmalee!!!!


Monday June 28 – Birthday dessert at Bahama Buck’s with the Klein’s



DSC00791 DSC00793 DSC00790

Wednesday June 30 – Angie babysat and sent pictures of Emmalee just like this one throughout the day

35_ Day with Angie_6.30.10

Sunday July 4

Party pictures thanks to Aunt Katy and her fabulous photography skills

Birthday Girl

Aunt Jess and Emma                   Daddy and Papa Brad 

Papa Brad and Emma                   family pic copy

Monday July 5

Before Jess flew out she got some cuddle time in with Emmalee

35_Nap Time

Wednesday July 7

Emmalee had her one year exam and her weight was 19 lbs 4 oz (20%), height 29 1/4″ (55%) and her head was 17 3/4″ (45%).  Which is a 24% decrease in weight, 20% decrease in height and 20% increase in her head measurement; should we be worried our daughter might be getting a ‘big head’.    ;o)

Before, during and after pictures of the house to come soon…


For now enjoy Emmalee’s birthday slide show of her first year.

Emmalee took her first steps all on her own yesterday, July 23!  She was standing up, leaning back on my shoulder and then she saw the iPhone Brendan was holding and walked to it.  Aunt Cory told us to let her hold something to make her feel more secure and confident to walk.  I think it worked!

This is a short clip so don’t look away or you’ll miss it.  We were able to capture 2.5 steps so it goes quickly.  But it was 2.5 HUGE steps for Emmalee!

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